SkyLite SL-800 Stereo Foldable Aviation Headset


  • Excellent 26db Noice Reduction; Electret Noise Cancelling Microphone
  • Extremely light-weight of only 13.2oz and Foldable Compact Design; Full Flexible Adjustable Mic Boom; Gold Platted Plug for Improved Conductivity
  • Comfortable Design w/ Soft Cushion Pad
  • Work for all Standard Airplanes around the World
  • Dual(Differential) Volume Controls on Headset; Stereo and Mono Switchable
  • Made in Korea


The SL-800 is the first headset from SkyLite and has being popular among pilots around the world for years. Not only its attractive blue color has made it a pilot favorite, the portable small-size and foldable feature has shaped it an adorable aviation gear.

With its extreme light-weight of 13.2oz and soft-cushion ear seals, we make sure you can fly stress-free while enjoying your cross-country flights.

Regarding ear-protection, the 26db NRR rating is one of the best in the industry when compared to David-Clark or Lightspeed, etc. Volume controls are achieved comfortably by the knobs on each ear-cup. And the fully-flexible boom microphone itself is equipped with Electrets-Noise Canceling technology, making your voice crisply clear and at the same time cutting all the unnecessary noise in the environment. There is also a mic gain on the mic for adjusting the sensitivity very easily.

The extensive features of SL-800 headset makes it an excellent candidate to be both a pilot daily headset or a backup. Get this headset now!


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