SkyLite 2-Persons GA Intercom with Phone/Music Connection


GA intercom in superb quality. It comes with connectivity to music or mobile phone, gold-plated avionic plugs and squelch feature to cut off noise.



This is a professional aviation GA intercom with superb quality. It provides great flexibility for both pilots and passengers to communicate efficiently in noisy environment. The compact and stand-alone design allows you to place it anywhere in the cockpit with its own power.

Its intelligent volume and squelch function allows cancelling of noise automatically when the users are not speaking. This function is important for protecting your ears when you uses it under prolonged noise.

This intercom has the extra functionality to listen to music (iPod, mp3…) or your mobile phone call. Once you plug your audio in, it can then be shared by the users using this intercom.

Most importantly, this intercom is of high aviation standard and using gold-plated standard aviation plugs. You can extend the functionality of your current radio stack by just easily plugging in.

This is a perfect pilot gift and add-on to your cockpit. Get it now and add this superb intercom to your cockpit today!


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