Gel Ear Seals for Aviation Headset

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  • Designed for luxurious comfort
  • Fix major standard headsets brand such as David Clark, LightSpeed and SkyLite
  • Made of durable high test polyurethane construction which make it unaffected under temperature extremes (+175°F to -40°F/+80°C to -40°C).
  • Made In Korea
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The ear seals features a unique gel material which will conform to the contours of the user’s ears and head, ensuring a perfect fit. Pilots that wear eyeglasses or sunglasses will appreciate the way the Gel ear seals mould perfectly around frames without compromising comfort or noise attenuation. Also its “vented” design provides maximum comfort for extended periods of use and is perfect for any prolonged cross-country flight.

It fits most major brand headsets including David Clark, Lightspeed, SkyLite, Avcomm, Pilot and Flightcom! It is the best gift or add-on for pilots to upgrade their existing headset or use them for replacement at an affordable price.

Get the Gel Ear Seals upgrade and add the highest quality and comfort to your flight now!

4 reviews for Gel Ear Seals for Aviation Headset

  1. Struan

    These are very comfortable and just fit over the ear. They worked for my purpose, which was for ear protection after surgery.

  2. Eric S

    Was a great upgrade to my second headset. Much more comfortable then the original foam.

  3. Daniel McKenzie

    The result was excellent! My previously worthless headset now performs better than before.

    Though not specifically designed for my Lightspeed QFR/XCC headset, these gel ear seals appeared to be of the correct size and shape to fit. My old ear seals were deteriorated to the point that my headset was basically worthless and gel seals used in the past had worked very well so I took a chance. My headset takes “adhesive attached” ear seals but nowhere could I find if these were adhesive fit or molded fit……these are molded fit with a small lip of rubber to be stretched over the headset cup. I had anticipated that this might be the case but was willing to “make adjustments” if need be. Well, I just attached the gel ear seals to the headset using a little contact cement and letting it dry thoroughly before using. The small rubber lip was so small it was no factor whatsoever in my “mod”. The result was excellent! My previously worthless headset now performs better than new (thanks to the gel). I have flown with them for a couple of months now and have had no issues whatsoever with them. I’m not sure how changing them in the future will be, but I don’t anticipate it to be too difficult… probably just pull off the ear seals and clean up the glue residue. In the meantime I have an excellently performing headset. The only reason the gel ear seals didn’t get 5 stars is because I had to provide the adhesion myself.

  4. Richard

    Excellent product

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