Aviation VFR / IFR Kneeboard

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  • Take-off / landing crosswind component.
  • Quick V-speeds & aircraft limits data.
  • Abnormal procedure reference.


This SkyLite VFR / IFR kneeboard is made of durable aluminum. It is light and perfectly sized to fit securely on your lap during different phases of your flight. You can clip your notes and flight documents on the board so that the flying becomes tidier and safer.

In addition, with the carefully thoughtful information on the board, the SkyLite VFR / IFR kneeboard provides useful data during crucial moment of your flight including:

  • Common unit conversion during pre-flight preparation.
  • Quick crosswind component check in the take-off and landing phases.
  • Critical V speeds including Best-climb speeds (Vx, Vy) and best-glide speed for engine malfunction.
  • Flight level arrangement for traffic separation.
  • Colored light signals from tower in a radio-failure distress situation.
  • Emergency and communication failure transponder codes.

As a bonus, the kneeboard provides a sectional chart ruler for checking distance on maps so that unnecessary items can be further reduced and thus promoting a safe cockpit environment.

Get this SkyLite VFR / IFR kneeboard today and have it accompany you a pleasant and safe flight.

2 reviews for Aviation VFR / IFR Kneeboard

  1. TRM

    It is a kneeboard. It attaches to your leg. Works as designed. Has some handy info on it.

  2. Daniel

    As a student pilot, I have found the knee board to be durable and inexpensive. No negative aspects at this time, as I have had 3 flights using it thus far.

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