SkyLite Aviation Headset Ear Covers

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  • Absorb sweat and moisture in hot weather
  • Keep warmth in cold weather
  • Fits in SkyLite and other major brands including David Clark
  • Promote hygiene – 100% cotton and washable
  • Let’s buy this add-on and improve your flying pleasure today!
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SkyLite Aviation Headset Ear Covers are one of the best products designed for pilot comfort.

Considering the challenging weather conditions a pilot may face, the SkyLite Aviation Ear Covers are designed to absorb moisture and sweat in hot and humid weather. When in cold weather, it helps to keep warmth of your ears and thus making the user alert.

As personal hygiene becomes more and more important, this ear cover features a 100% cotton material which is long-lasting and completely washable. It helps keeping the pilots’ gears clean and neat. Its breathing fabric is ideal for any extended cross-country flight.

This set of ear covers universally fits all of the SkyLite headsets and other major brands including David Clark and etc. Therefore, it becomes the best upgrade for pilots at an affordable price.

Get the SkyLite Ear Covers and upgrade the comfort of your pilot headset now!

1 review for SkyLite Aviation Headset Ear Covers

  1. Blood, Sweat and Gears

    Although these are for pilot headsets, I use them on my over the ear music headphones. This way when I sweat i am not having it drip down the side of my face.

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