SkyLite Aviation Push-to-talk PTT Switch


A professional designed aviation Push-To-Talk switch (PTT) which fits all major GA headsets such as SkyLite, Lightspeed or David Clark


This is a professional designed Aviation Push-To-Talk switch (PTT) that gives you great flexibility when you are in the cockpit. It works with all major general aviation headset such as Skylite, Lightspeed and David Clark. The PTT is activiated by a push-down button and can be easily attached to any control wheel with the velcro strap. It also completed with a flexible coiled cord which gives you supreme freedom in the cockpit.

The gold-plated plug design at the avionic plug is introduced for improved conductivity, avoiding unnecessary static in your communication. The hidden dual mirco switches under the push-button assures positive contact and further increases its reliability while you are chatting with other air traffic or controllers.

This item is certainly important for your flying if your airplane does not have built-in Push-to-talk function. We strongly recommend this PTT by considering it as a great asset for replacing traditional stand-alone microphone and help you focus your flying by integrating communication in your control wheel.


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